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3D Printers
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ProWash Drain Port Replacement Kit
SprintRay Ceramic Crown – Bleach – 250g
SprintRay Ceramic Crown - D2 - 250g
SprintRay Ceramic Crown – C2 – 250g
1 Day Hands-on Implementation Training Powered By MOD
On-Demand Ceramic Crown Training powered by MOD
Ceramic Crown Quick Start Kit - Bundle
SprintRay ProWash S
SprintRay High Impact Denture Teeth - B1
SprintRay High Impact Denture Base - Original Meharry
SprintRay High Impact Denture Base - Dark Pink
SprintRay High Impact Denture Base - Original Pink
SprintRay High Impact Denture Teeth - A2
SprintRay High Impact Denture Teeth - Bleach
SprintRay High Impact Denture Teeth - A1
The Complete Digital Workflow for the AO4 Treatment Concept (Hybrid Denture)
SprintRay Pro S Crown Kit
SprintRay Ceramic Crown – A1 – 250g
SprintRay Pro55 S High Strength Build Platform
SprintRay Pro 55 High Strength Build Platform
SprintRay Ceramic Crown – A2 – 250g
SprintRay Ceramic Crown – B1 – 250g
SprintRay Pro S Crown Kit Resin Tank
SprintRay Ceramic Crown – A3 – 250g
$600 Cloud Design Credit
Smile Design and 3D Printing of Definitive Ceramic Crowns
ProTection Plan (Bundle) - 1 yr
ProTection (Pro Wash/Dry) - 1 yr
ProTection Plan 95/95S or 55/55S Printer
ProTection (ProCure 1) - 1 yr
ProTection (ProCure 2) - 1 yr
White-Glove Installation
$1500 Cloud Design Credit
SprintRay University 1.5 Day Training (one attendee)
Pro 95S Build Platform
SprintRay Die and Model 2 - Tan - 1Kg
DENTCA Denture Base II Reddish Pink
SprintRay Crown - A3 Dentin
1-on-1 Web-Based Training
DENTCA Denture Teeth Shade B1
DENTCA Denture Teeth Shade A2
ProCure 2 Automated Post-processing
MoonRay S/D Resin Tank Assembly
Pro 95 Build Platform
DENTCA Crown and Bridge BL1
DENTCA Crown and Bridge B1
Pro 55S 3D Printer
SprintRay Surgical Guide 3 - 1Kg
SprintRay NightGuard Flex - 1Kg
SprintRay Crown - C2 Dentin
Cutting-edge Digital Dentistry Powered by SprintRay
The SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem is designed for the unique needs of dental professionals.
With SprintRay as your partner, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in dentistry has never been easier.
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